try jasmine!
mac: ⌘-return, windows: ctrl-enter
convert JavaScript ⇒ CoffeeScript CoffeeScript ⇒ JavaScript
  • compiles and runs CoffeeScript. You can even mix-and-match (say, CoffeeScript specs for JavaScript sources)
  • running specs will save them in localStorage so you don't lose them (a button will appear, allowing you to clear it)
  • fork try jasmine yourself on Github
  • thanks to Carin Meier for investing the effort to add ace boxes.
  • the macro buttons will insert text wherever your cursor was last located in the "specs" field
  • if you live in java-land, I wrote a maven plugin for running your Jasmine specs in continuous integration
  • feel free to review the specs for try-jasmine itself
brought to you by @searls via test double
  it('is happy',function(){
    panda = 'sad';